THANK YOU Lake County Democrats

Hey California!

THANK YOU  for voting NO on the Recall.

We still need to get vaccinated! California is ahead of other states but we can do even better!

Please get vaccinated!

Please VOTE “NO” on Recall — return your ballots by Sept 14

Court Appointed Special Advocates support children living in foster care.

The Lake County Democratic Party will host Sheryn Hildebrand, Executive Director of Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) of Mendocino & Lake Counties at the Programs & Recruitment Committee meeting on March 11, at 6:00 pm at 16255 2nd Street in Lower Lake.  Ms. Hildebrand has led our regional CASA for nearly19 years.

A Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) is a trained volunteer appointed by a judicial officer to provide advocacy for a child who is under the jurisdiction of the courts due to abuse or neglect. The CASA serves as the “eyes and ears” of the judge for children in foster care. Volunteers spend time with children, monitor needed services, and provide child-focused recommendations to the court based on the best interest of the children they serve.

In addition to being the CASA Director, Ms. Hildebrand also serves as a Regional Coordinator for the North Coast Child Abuse Prevention Coalition working with Mendocino, Lake, Humboldt, and Del Norte Counties and the State Office of Child Abuse Prevention. She also sits on the Critical Incident Citizen review panel with the State of California focusing on reducing child death in the State of California. Sheryn is a member of both the Mendocino County Policy Council for Children and Youth as well as Lake County’s Children’s Council.

Ms. Hildebrand was born, raised, and still resides in Lake County with her husband.  Her time away from work is spent with 3 adult children and 9 grandchildren and many friends.

All are welcome!    Please join us to learn about one of the programs in place in our County which supports our children and teens living in foster care.

Jessica Pyska Shares Her Story in Pictures

Click here to hear Jessica tell her story.



Come Meet Tina Scott and Jessica Pyska

The Lake County Democratic Party will host Supervisor Tina Scott and Jessica Pyska at the Programs & Recruitment Committee meeting on February 12, at 6:00 pm in Lower Lake.  Both Ms. Scott and Ms. Pyska are candidates for positions on the Lake County Board of Supervisors.  Tina Scott has been serving since January 2017 and is running for re-election.  Ms. Pyska has been active on the Cobb Area Council since its formation in 2016. Both candidates have been endorsed by the Democratic Party of Lake County.  This event gives all residents an opportunity to meet and engage with these talented and dedicated candidates.  Each will discuss her many efforts on behalf of all Lake County residents and will be open for questions.

The event is at the  Methodist Church Social Hall, 16255 2nd Street, Lower Lake.

California’s Primary election is March 3rd.  Most Vote-By-Mail citizens will have their ballots by February 12th.   This is your chance to get informed.

All are welcome!   Enjoy snacks, libations, and a relaxed open atmosphere for interaction.

Listen to Jessica Pyska on the Issues

This is an interview Jessica did recently on radio station KPFZ in Lakeport.

State Senator Mike McGuire to bring his energy to Lake County!

The Lake County Democratic Party will host State Senator Mike McGuire at the Programs & Recruitment Committee meeting on October 9, at 6:00 pm in Lower Lake.   Mike McGuire has been Lake County’s representative in the California State Senate since January 2015.  He started his career representing California residents at the age of 19, when he was elected to the Healdsburg School Board.

Senator McGuire will address a range of issues including PG&E planned power shutdowns, jobs development, the Presidential Tax Transparency & Accountability Act, funding firefighting resources, funding early childhood education, and his work to secure funding specifically to Lake County to backfill property tax revenue lost from housing losses.  Mike is an energetic, knowledgeable, hardworking public servant.  Attend this meeting for an opportunity to learn and engage with your State Senator.

All are welcome!


The Programs Committee of the Lake County Democratic Party meets every 2nd Wednesday at 6:00 pm in the Social Hall of the United Methodist Church, 16255 2nd Street, Lower Lake.  All meetings are open to the public.  Associate membership in the Lake County Democratic Central Committee is open to registered Democrats, and dues are $25/annually.

Serving our foster children and vulnerable teens

The Programs & Recruitment Committee invites you to a presentation by Mary Pagan, MSW from Lake County Child Welfare Services, and Sheri Young from Lake Family Resource Center (LFRC) on September 11, at 6:30 pm in Lower Lake.

Ms. Pagan is a Program Manager for Lake County Department of Social Services.  Her presentation will focus on her efforts to recruit more foster families in Lake County.  With at least 40% of our foster children being placed out of county for lack of foster family homes in Lake County, this problem needs a solution. Being placed out of county can be very traumatic for children who are already removed from their families and then have to leave their community, school, and friends.  Ms. Pagan is committed to ensuring more foster families are available for our kids.  She will discuss one of the new outreach programs, Foster Together, that is just getting under way.

Ms. Young, Victim Services Program Director for LFRC, will discuss issues around domestic violence and sexual assault, and the efforts she is working on to offer services to victims.  Also presenting will be Ms. Sharon Maher, Teen Services Coordinator.  She will focus on human trafficking and how to help those ensnared.  Human trafficking is present in Lake County.  Teens are often courted on-line where a relationship turns into becoming sex trafficked.

Both Ms. Young and Ms. Maher have State grant requests out for funding to further strengthen their programs.  Our September program will include information on how to contact legislators and/or appropriate agencies to advocate for this funding.

Q & A is encouraged, so come for your opportunity to learn, engage, and advocate.

All are welcome!


The Programs Committee of the Lake County Democratic Party meets every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Social Hall of the United Methodist Church, 16255 2nd Street, Lower Lake.  All meetings are open to the public.  Associate membership in the Lake County Democratic Central Committee is open to registered Democrats and dues are $25/annually.

Democrats March in Lower Lake Parade

Staying visible and promoting our Democratic values, local Democrats marched in two Memorial Day parades.  This one as part of Lower Lake Daze on Sunday the 26th, Susan Cameron, Laurie Friedman, and Polly Ann Johnston represent.  The day before, we walked in the Lakeport parade.  Both opportunities to build community and keep our message out there.

Lake County Democrats meet with CDP chair candidates

The California Democratic Party is electing a new chair at the May 31 Convention in San Francisco.

Several candidates running for Chair came to Lake County to meet with our delegates to the state party and any other Democrats who were interested to attend.

Above: Kimberly Ellis is second from upper left

Above: Daraka Larimore-Hall is third from lower right