Serving our foster children and vulnerable teens

The Programs & Recruitment Committee invites you to a presentation by Mary Pagan, MSW from Lake County Child Welfare Services, and Sheri Young from Lake Family Resource Center (LFRC) on September 11, at 6:30 pm in Lower Lake.

Ms. Pagan is a Program Manager for Lake County Department of Social Services.  Her presentation will focus on her efforts to recruit more foster families in Lake County.  With at least 40% of our foster children being placed out of county for lack of foster family homes in Lake County, this problem needs a solution. Being placed out of county can be very traumatic for children who are already removed from their families and then have to leave their community, school, and friends.  Ms. Pagan is committed to ensuring more foster families are available for our kids.  She will discuss one of the new outreach programs, Foster Together, that is just getting under way.

Ms. Young, Victim Services Program Director for LFRC, will discuss issues around domestic violence and sexual assault, and the efforts she is working on to offer services to victims.  Also presenting will be Ms. Sharon Maher, Teen Services Coordinator.  She will focus on human trafficking and how to help those ensnared.  Human trafficking is present in Lake County.  Teens are often courted on-line where a relationship turns into becoming sex trafficked.

Both Ms. Young and Ms. Maher have State grant requests out for funding to further strengthen their programs.  Our September program will include information on how to contact legislators and/or appropriate agencies to advocate for this funding.

Q & A is encouraged, so come for your opportunity to learn, engage, and advocate.

All are welcome!


The Programs Committee of the Lake County Democratic Party meets every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 pm in the Social Hall of the United Methodist Church, 16255 2nd Street, Lower Lake.  All meetings are open to the public.  Associate membership in the Lake County Democratic Central Committee is open to registered Democrats and dues are $25/annually.

Democrats March in Lower Lake Parade

Staying visible and promoting our Democratic values, local Democrats marched in two Memorial Day parades.  This one as part of Lower Lake Daze on Sunday the 26th, Susan Cameron, Laurie Friedman, and Polly Ann Johnston represent.  The day before, we walked in the Lakeport parade.  Both opportunities to build community and keep our message out there.

Lake County Democrats meet with CDP chair candidates

The California Democratic Party is electing a new chair at the May 31 Convention in San Francisco.

Several candidates running for Chair came to Lake County to meet with our delegates to the state party and any other Democrats who were interested to attend.

Above: Kimberly Ellis is second from upper left

Above: Daraka Larimore-Hall is third from lower right

Wildfire Update – How you can help – Congressman Mike Thompson

Our region is being hit by the largest fire in California history, threatening homes, businesses and lives across our district. Our thoughts are with those devastated by this disaster and those still evacuated, not knowing if they will see their homes again. We are deeply grateful to the incredible firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders working around the clock to keep us safe, often in harm’s way themselves.

This week I wrote to the president, along with Democrats and Republicans from across our state, asking that he immediately grant a federal disaster declaration to provide the individual and public assistance that survivors will need on the road to recovery. Know that I will fight for every penny of federal support possible. Together, we will rebuild.

Everyone should take a minute to sign up for the alerts that will keep you and your family up to date on developments, evacuation procedures, and how to seek help.

To find out how you can help survivors, you can click here to learn about the Rotary 5130 Fire Relief Fund. Please let us know what we can do by replying to this email.

—Team Thompson

CD5 2018-07 Thompson July report

July Legislative Update
• Once again, Lake and Napa Counties are threatened by destructive wildfires that have destroyed homes and forced thousands to evacuate. Congressman Thompson is doing everything he can to deliver federal resources that will help recover and rebuild.

• Congressman Thompson wrote to HHS demanding they allow him to visit child detention facilities located close to our district that are housing children separated from their parents at the border. After initially being denied access, Thompson and other Members of Congress were allowed to visit. Following their tour of the facilities, Thompson again called on the Administration to reverse their separation policy and immediately reunite families that were torn apart.

• The Congressman also highlighted the long-term impact of Republican-led sabotage of the Affordable Care Act in a House Committee on Ways and Means markup and called on the majority to consider legislation that will end the sabotage and make a real difference in lowering costs and improving our health care system.

• The Congressman also joined with other military veteran Members of Congress to denounce the President’s statements at a summit with Putin in Helsinki. Led by Thompson, they demanded the President strongly state that he knows Russia interfered in our election and support the intelligence community reports that provided this vital information and keep our nation safe each and every day.

• Finally, the Congressman wrote to the State Department asking them to once again reinstate their ban on the publication of gun blueprints. As the chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, Thompson cited the extreme danger of these guns to the public and their inability to be traced by law enforcement.

CD5 2018-06 Thompson June Report

June Legislative Update
• Congressman Thompson blasted the Administration for its “zero-tolerance” policy that separates kids from their parents, including condemning the policy in a statement with local faith leaders and after visiting a facility in Virginia that houses children separated from their families. He continues to demand answers about the whereabouts of the kids and their conditions as well as fighting to reunite families and ensure this inhumane policy is ended once and for all.

• The Congressman also announced that the American Legion and AMVETS, two of our nation’s largest veterans service organizations, have endorsed his bill to restore and maintain the Mare Island Cemetery. This cemetery is the final resting place for over 800 of our nation’s veterans and must be preserved in their honor. The bill has more than 85 cosponsors, Democrat and Republican, and continues to gain momentum towards final passage.

• Congressman Thompson announced that the Department of Transportation has awarded Napa County $15 million in federal funding for runway repairs at the Napa County Airport. An important economic hub for our district, the airport will now have funding to repair and repave a critical runway.

• The Congressman also announced his 2018 Service Academy Appointees who will serve in our nation’s military academies this fall. They include: Charleen Mei Lazaro Muyot and Patrick McDermott for the U.S. Air Force Academy, John “Jack” Murray and Antonius Wells for the U.S. Naval Acadmy, and Dora Zoeller for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

AD4 2018-07 Aguiar-Curry July Report

  • Cecilia has been monitoring the Pawnee and County Fires and has been in constant communication with CalFire, OES and local electeds and first responders. She and Senator McGuire came to Lake after the Pawnee fire began.
  • November General Election:  Cecilia will face one of the official “write in” candidates from the June election.  The highest vote getter from the “write in” candidates moves on to the November election. This is standard.  The candidate could receive three votes and if they are the highest write in candidate voter getter, they move onto the General.

We are still waiting for confirmation about who the candidate will be in the General.

  • Last weekend, Cecilia participated with Congressman Thompson and Leader Nancy Pelosi in the inaugural Rock the Ride/Walk benefit ride in Yountville to bring awareness about gun violence and raise money for nonprofits working on gun violence prevention.



SD2 2018-07 McGuire July Report

> July 2018 Report
> Legislative Updates:
> All of Senator McGuire’s bills have moved onto their next step in the committee process!
> The following bills have moved onto their next step in the process:
> SCR 92: Rumfelt Memorial Highway
> SCR 124: Del Ponte Memorial Highway
> SB 1029: NCRA
> SB 269: Electronic Fish Tickets
> SB 1309: Fish Omnibus
> SB 1310: Dungeness Crab Task Force
> SB 896: Aggravated Arson
> SB 929: Special Districts Websites
> SCR 115: Opioid Crisis
> SB 1415: Ghost Ship: Housing
> SB 1416: Ghost Ship: Local Fees
> SB 175: Crisis beds (through its first committee)
> SB 965: Cattle Council
> SB 668: Commercial Feed
> SB 833: Emergency Alerts
> SB 175: Crisis Beds (second committee of the week)
> SB 629: Alcohol Fees: Websites
> Pawnee Fire:
> After the Pawnee Fire erupted on June 23, Senator McGuire immediately contacted Sheriff Martin, OES, and Cal Fire and continues to be in contact about the fire’s movements. The Senator is focused on resources for fire survivors.
> Recently:
> Senator McGuire is working with the County of Lake and the CA Department of Finance on solutions for the property tax losses that Lake has endured from 5 fires in three years.
> On June 6th, Senator McGuire honored North Coast Opportunities as Non-Profit of Year – an incredible organization serving Mendocino and Lake county communities that led individual recovery and donation distribution efforts after last year’s Redwood Complex and Sulphur fires.
> Bruder and NCO Board Chair Ross Walker joined Senator McGuire at the State Capitol Wednesday for a special ceremony in recognition of nonprofits across the state that have been chosen to represent their districts for California Nonprofits Day.
> 2. Senator McGuire secured $2 million in State funding for upgrades to the Redwood Valley County Water District.
> When the Redwood Complex Fire burned over 36,000 acres and destroyed over 500 structures last October in Mendocino County, that included 187 homes that are in the Redwood Valley County Water District. The District infrastructure faced significant damage due to the fires and it was discovered the main water line would need to be expanded in order to rebuild the homes to meet modern-day fire safety and building code requirements, with enough flow to accommodate fire sprinklers.
> For the past six months, Senator Mike McGuire and Assemblymember Jim Wood have been working with the County of Mendocino, the Redwood Valley County Water District, California’s Office of Emergency Services, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency to determine how $7 million in upgrades to the system could be funded.
> State Budget:
> For months, Senator Mike McGuire and the entire North Bay Legislative Delegation worked tirelessly and led the way with the California Fire Chiefs, the California Professional Firefighters Association, CalFire Firefighters, California Fire Districts Association, California State Fire Fighters Association and many other public safety organizations to secure millions in new funding for enhanced mutual aid. McGuire, a member of the Senate Budget Committee, is pleased to announce $50 million dollars will be dedicated to enhanced mutual aid response, which will better equip and prepare our state’s firefighting agencies to battle the “New Normal” of California’s wildfire season.
> $500 million from the General Fund will be available as emergency assistance for local governments to respond to homelessness. In addition, since he was first elected, Senator McGuire has pushed for dedicated funding for Career Technical Education to train our future workforce. In 2015, Senator McGuire – working with Governor Brown – secured $900 million over three years in Career Training and Job Skills programs in public schools. In this year’s budget deal, $300 million in ongoing funding has been allocated for Career Technical Education programs in Kindergarten through 12th grade.
> Immigration:
> Senator McGuire is part of a leadership team in the Senate bringing a resolution on the issue of the Trump Administration’s immigration policy. The text of the resolution, SR 114, can be found here:
> Senator McGuire also believes that the state of California should take legal action against the administration for their inhuman actions, and is working to pursue that avenue of response as well. Further, a letter was sent to Governor Brown signed by Senator McGuire along with several other legislators urging the Governor to recall the California National Guard at the border because we cannot tolerate our state resources to support government agencies detaining young children involuntarily ripped from their parents, many of whom were seeking refuge in accordance with national and international laws. CA doesn’t want take any part in President Trump’s inhumane, zero-tolerance policy separating children from their parents.
> Other states that have already pulled their National Guard troops, including states that are led by both Republican and Democratic Governors, include: Virginia, Maryland and North Carolina, while Colorado, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island and Oregon have refused to send troops
> ​.​

AD4 2018-06 Aguiar-Curry June report

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry’s

June 2018 Lake CC report (1)
June Report

AB 2292 – Improving Infant and Toddler Care
• Assembly Bill 2292 will strategically invest in California’s child care system by increasing state rates for infant and toddler care, creating a grant program to fund implementation and start-up costs of new child care facilities, and establishing a fund to recruit a new generation of family child care providers.
• Passed Assembly Floor, In the Senate

AB 2576 – Emergencies: Healthcare
• AB 2576 is critical to ensure that communities continue to receive timely access to care when disaster strikes. This bill takes into account the experiences of clinics and health providers in communities impacted by the 2017 wildfires, and proposes policy streamlining that will provide for improved continuity of care even in the face of natural disasters. AB 2576 is a comprehensive bill to address a variety of challenges identified during the disaster response to the wildfires of 2017. These changes will improve the ability of community health clinics and their health care providers to deliver timely access to services after a disaster occurs.
• Passed Assembly – In the Senate

In the District
• Met with SEIU Local 2015
• Spoke with League of CA Cities
• Attended and spoke at Lake County Early Child Educator Awards

Election Results
• Cecilia is honored with the overwhelming support she received in the election.
• There were three official ‘write in’ candidates – one from Dixon, one from Davis and one from Lake County. We are waiting for the final results as to who will move on to the November election with Cecilia. She received 94.1% of the Lake County vote.

SD2 2018-05 McGuire May Report

May 2018 Report

McGuire May 2018 Report (1)


• SB 897 – Residential property insurance: wildfires passed through the Senate Insurance Committee last week!
o Senator McGuire’s SB 897 would waive inventory claim form requirements (an itemized contents list) during a governor-declared state of emergency, allowing homeowners the option of foregoing the itemization and instead automatically collecting at least 80 percent of the policy limit. Without the itemized lists, some insurance companies will provide as little as 30 percent payoff.

• SB 833 – Emergency Alert Legislation passed the first Senate Committee Hearing with bipartisan support.

• SB 1453 – Illegal Conversions just passed the Senate Judiciary Committee today. The bill would extend statute of limitation for illegal conversions of timberland from one year to three years in order to go after illegal cannabis operations. Additionally, this proposal would allow the cause of action to accrue upon discovery of the violation.

• SB 929 – Special Districts Transparency Act passed the Senate Governance & Finance Committee with bipartisan support.
o The bill will require every independent special district to create and consistently maintain a website with specific and detailed information including meeting agendas, clear information on the district’s budget and expenditures, compensation reports, information on how to contact representatives of the district and more.

• SB 1029 – the Great Redwood Trail Act Updates:
o Senator Mike McGuire’s bill that will create the Great Redwood Trail from the San Francisco Bay to the Humboldt Bay is one step closer to reality after it was approved with a unanimous, bipartisan 9-0 vote in the Senate Natural Resources and Water committee.
o The Great Redwood Trail will be a significant economic driver for the rural North Coast communities it would wind through. California outdoor recreation is one of the fastest growing sectors of the Golden State’s economy. It generates over $92 billion a year here in California, is responsible for nearly 700,000 jobs with over $30 billion in wages, and brings over $6 billion in tax revenues back to state and local communities. The trail will attract hundreds of thousands of locals and visitors alike to hike this spectacular landscape and inject needed funds into the small, rural economies that would neighbor the potential future trail.
o The North Coast Rail Authority will be dissolved through SB 1029, and the 300 mile long right-of-way will be segmented roughly at the halfway point. The Northern Segment – from Arcata to Willits – will be temporarily transferred to the state Department of Transportation, who is charged with beginning the “railbanking” process, cataloging property easements and advancing environmental work. The Great Redwood Trail Agency would then take over to start building the actual trail. The legislation supports freight where it is currently existing and supports rail around Humboldt Bay.
o While there are years of planning, community meetings and work ahead, the Great Redwood Trail is gaining momentum. SB 1029 will next be heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee in May.

• Senator McGuire’s advanced a critical state budget request to fund enhanced screening and counseling for opioid and meth addiction.
o Senator Mike McGuire is fighting to secure millions that would allow California to implement a successful enhanced drug screening program, which has been proven to help combat drug addiction in other states. The funding would be focused on screening of opioid and methamphetamine addiction when patients see their doctors.
o The funding will allow for all Medi-Cal patients to receive screening from their providers, which would ask them about any potential drug use. This results-driven practice is not currently deployed in California for the state’s more than 7 million Medi-Cal patients, 21 and older.
o If this funding is secured, when a patient goes to their doctor for a regular visit, they would receive a questionnaire asking if they use any opioid prescriptions or illicit drugs to help them sleep, relax, calm down, feel better, or lose weight. Their answers could lead to additional drug screening, counseling and substance abuse treatment.
o Senator McGuire has officially requested that the budget committee advance an allocation from the state’s General Fund to cover the costs of this data-driven screening program. This would include allocating $8.4 million ($2.58 million from the State General Fund/$5.82 million in matching dollars from the Federal Financial Participation).
o The screening dollars, if secured, would be invested with the Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to expand the Medi-Cal benefit for Alcohol Misuse, Screening and Counseling (AMSC) to include screening for overuse of opioids and other illicit drugs.
o Routine screenings for excessive alcohol use in California, followed by brief intervention or counseling and referral to treatment has helped countless Californians get the help they need to combat their addiction. The program, Screening Brief Intervention, Referral and Treatment (SBIRT), has been in place in emergency rooms, public hospitals and federally qualified health centers across California for 15 years focused solely on alcohol. Now, Senator McGuire wants to take the same results driven process and apply it to opioid use and methamphetamine.


• The Senator spoke at a Middletown Area Town Hall in April discussing legislation updates and all things fire recovery.

• Senator McGuire & First 5 hosted a town hall on Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in Humboldt last Friday. The forum discussed community response and initiatives that have been launched to positively change the lives of some of Humboldt’s most vulnerable kids. Humboldt County has some of the highest rates of ACEs in California. The town hall featured presentations from community leaders on trauma informed care programs and community action teams, as well as an update from the county on reforms taking place following the Attorney General’s report on Humboldt County Child Welfare.

• Legislature’s Wine Committee held a hearing in April in Healdsburg to talk fire recovery, ag tourism, and water supply.
o Senators Mike McGuire and Bill Dodd and Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry united their respective Select Committees on Wine for a hearing in Sonoma County’s Wine Country to discuss wildfire recovery following the devastating North Bay Firestorm and receive a report on water supply issues.