Join us at our official Democratic headquarters grand opening – Monday August 27

The Democratic Party of Lake County hosts the grand opening of our United Democratic Campaign Headquarters on Monday Aug. 27, 2018, in preparation for the November 6, 2018 General election.
The open house is from 5 to 8 p.m.
The headquarters is located at 150  3rd St. in Lakeport.
In the spirit of our wonderful and giving community- our Grand Opening will be a Potluck!
Guests are encouraged to bring their favorite finger food, appetizer, dessert or drinks to share.
Join fellow Democrats, pick up campaign information, volunteer to help turn out voters for our Democratic candidates in  Lake County and all over California.
The event is free, kid friendly and open to the public.
For more information contact the Democratic Party of Lake County at 707-533-4885 or , or visit them online at or .

Wildfire Update – How you can help – Congressman Mike Thompson

Our region is being hit by the largest fire in California history, threatening homes, businesses and lives across our district. Our thoughts are with those devastated by this disaster and those still evacuated, not knowing if they will see their homes again. We are deeply grateful to the incredible firefighters, law enforcement, and first responders working around the clock to keep us safe, often in harm’s way themselves.

This week I wrote to the president, along with Democrats and Republicans from across our state, asking that he immediately grant a federal disaster declaration to provide the individual and public assistance that survivors will need on the road to recovery. Know that I will fight for every penny of federal support possible. Together, we will rebuild.

Everyone should take a minute to sign up for the alerts that will keep you and your family up to date on developments, evacuation procedures, and how to seek help.

To find out how you can help survivors, you can click here to learn about the Rotary 5130 Fire Relief Fund. Please let us know what we can do by replying to this email.

—Team Thompson

CaDem November 2018 Ballot Measure Positions – Adopted by CaDem Resolutions Committee – July 2018 Executive Board Meeting


For further info on each campaign & California’s Ballot Measure process use ballotpedia

California Democratic Party Resolutions Committee Report July 2018 Executive Board Meeting
November 2018 Ballot Measure Positions


1 Veterans and Affordable Housing Bond Act of 2018. (SB 3, Chapter 365,
Statutes of 2017)

2 No Place Like Home Act of 2018.
(AB 1827, Chapter 41, Statutes of 2018)

3 Authorizes Bonds to Fund Projects for Water Supply and Quality, Watershed,
Fish, Wildlife, Water Conveyance, and Groundwater Sustainability and
Storage. Initiative Statute.

4 Authorizes Bonds Funding Construction at Hospitals Providing Children’s
Health Care. Initiative Statute. Support

5 Changes Requirements for Certain Property Owners to Transfer Their
Property Tax Base to Replacement Property. Initiative Constitutional
Amendment and Statute.

6 Eliminates Recently Enacted Road Repair and Transportation Funding by
Repealing Revenues Dedicated for Those Purposes. Requires Any Measure to
Enact Certain Vehicle Fuel Taxes and Vehicle Fees Be Submitted to and
Approved by the Electorate. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Daylight saving time.
(AB 807, Chapter 60, Statutes of 2018) Support

Authorizes State Regulation of Kidney Dialysis Clinics. Limits Charges for
Patient Care. Initiative Statute. Support


9 Division of California Into Three States. Initiative Statute. Oppose
10 Expands Local Governments’ Authority to Enact Rent Control on Residential
Property. Initiative Statute. 

On July 18, 2018 the California Supreme Court removed Proposition 9 from the ballot. 

10 . Local Rent Control Initiative allowing local governments to adopt rent control, repealing the Costa-Hawkins Rental Housing Act.                                                                                                                                                                         Support

11 Requires Private-Sector Emergency Ambulance Employees to Remain on Call
During Work Breaks. Changes Other Conditions of Employment. Initiative

12 Establishes New Standards for Confinement of Certain Farm Animals; Bans
Sale of Certain Non-Complying Products. Initiative Statute.

** No Official Position

Save the date! Lake County Democrats Annual BBQ Fundraiser

Save the date to join Lake County Democrats for their annual BBQ Fundraiser.

Saturday September 22 from 3-6 PM at the Highlands Senior Center in Clearlake

Be prepared to Surf the Wave with Democratic activists who need your support to ensure every Democrat gets out to vote in November.

We’re planning some fun AND inspiration. Come with your Hawaiian shirts, 60s bellbottoms, flowers in your hair, and maybe even tie-dyed T shirts!

This is the opportunity of the year to support your local Democratic party. Save the date, September 22nd.

Congratulations to all of our candidates

Congressman Mike Thompson

Congressman John Garamendi

State Senator Mike McGuire

State Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry

Lake County District Attorney Susan Krones

Lake County Superintendent of Schools Brock Falkenberg

Superior Court Judge candidate Shanda Harry*

Lake County Supervisor (D2) Bruno Sabatier

*Candidate Harry advances to the November General election

Statewide & Federal California results here  

Lake County results here

Counties have 30 days after election day  to complete the canvass of the vote


Congressman Thompson’s July report

July Legislative Update
• Once again, Lake and Napa Counties are threatened by destructive wildfires that have destroyed homes and forced thousands to evacuate. Congressman Thompson is doing everything he can to deliver federal resources that will help recover and rebuild.

• Congressman Thompson wrote to HHS demanding they allow him to visit child detention facilities located close to our district that are housing children separated from their parents at the border. After initially being denied access, Thompson and other Members of Congress were allowed to visit. Following their tour of the facilities, Thompson again called on the Administration to reverse their separation policy and immediately reunite families that were torn apart.

• The Congressman also highlighted the long-term impact of Republican-led sabotage of the Affordable Care Act in a House Committee on Ways and Means markup and called on the majority to consider legislation that will end the sabotage and make a real difference in lowering costs and improving our health care system.

• The Congressman also joined with other military veteran Members of Congress to denounce the President’s statements at a summit with Putin in Helsinki. Led by Thompson, they demanded the President strongly state that he knows Russia interfered in our election and support the intelligence community reports that provided this vital information and keep our nation safe each and every day.

• Finally, the Congressman wrote to the State Department asking them to once again reinstate their ban on the publication of gun blueprints. As the chair of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, Thompson cited the extreme danger of these guns to the public and their inability to be traced by law enforcement.


There will NOT be a DCC meeting tomorrow, due to Ranch/River Fires and ongoing evacuations.

Please do regularly check your emails during next few weeks, as there will be information needed to exchange regarding BBQ planning and County Fair assignments.

If an August meeting is necessary, we may still schedule an alternative date later this month. Otherwise, see you at regularly scheduled 1st Thursday in September.

Please stay safe, everyone!

sent on behalf of LCDP Executive Committee

Lake County Club guest speaker Gene Paleno on Aug 8

The Lake County Democratic Club welcomes guest speaker Gene Paleno on
Wed., Aug. 8, 2018. Paleno is an independent author, syndicated
columnist, historian and storyteller extraordinaire who lives in
Witter Springs. The son of Italian immigrants, Paleno was raised in
the 1930’s in Michigan on his family’s rural farm. In the 1950’s
after serving in the Navy during WWII, graduating from Michigan State
University, and teaching school for awhile, the entire Paleno family
came to California.

He raised his family in Southern California. Then several decades ago
Paleno came to Northern California with his second wife, a Dixieland
musician, and established a small farm. He became a widow at 84 which
was such a cataclysmic change in lifestyle that he was forced to
reinvent himself. He adopted his incorrigible cat Cleo and plunged
into pursuing his passion for storytelling.

More than 30 years ago Paleno began to write stories and at 87 he
became a syndicated columnist and publisher. His book “Lake County
History – A Mystical Adventure in Time” secured his popularity as a
writer. Now at 92 Paleno publishes “Witter Springs Chronicles,”
writes columns for Lake County Record Bee, guest lectures at the Lake
County Historical Society and Civil War Roundtable and tells his
stories.. He lives in Witter Springs, serves on the Board of Lake
County Silver Foundation and as Chair of West Regional Town Hall,
District 3.

Come to the next meeting on August 8 and enjoy a story about a
rambunctious raccoon that harasses Paleno and Cleo. And also a bit
about what we Democrats (and good Republicans) can do to make our
country even greater than it is.

The Lake County Democratic Club meets every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 pm
in the Social Hall of the United Methodist Church, 16255 2nd Street,
Lower Lake. All meetings are open to the public. Membership is open
to registered Democrats and dues are $20/annually. Lake County
Democratic Club is an officially chartered club of the Democratic
Party of Lake County.

Visit the webpage at
Contact us at

CDP Rural Caucus Executive Board Meeting Report

CDP Rural CaucusJuly 20, 2018

Takeaways from E-Board

Dear Fellow Rural Caucus Members, I am still “unpacking” everything I saw and heard at the Executive Board Meeting in Oakland, but wanted to send you a quick report on our Caucus meeting.

The turnout was great! I was so impressed and appreciative. This was my first time chairing. Thank you for such a great showing.

Huge thanks go to Marge Joehnck , Carol Taylor, Jaimie Buetler, Mike Duncan, Lupe Arin-Law (and daughter Lucinda), Angela Torens and Renee Zeimer for a flawless, perfectly smooth election.

And, heartfelt congratulations go to Martha McClure, our newly elected North Coast Regional Chair.

I am very excited about the tremendous support we are gaining from the Party:

Chairman Eric Bauman formally announced the hiring of a community organizer for rural California – a very real investment in our efforts.

A highlight of the weekend was communications specialist Isaac Wright’s workshop on rural voter outreach and engagement. Isaac has offered to help us develop messaging specifically for rural California. His keys points include:

Rural voters count more than ever. We have over five million rural voters in California, representing 10% of the population.
Our core values – Social Security, building on the ACA and increasing Medicaid, expanding clean, alternative energy, preserving the environment, equality and opportunity – will resonate in our rural communities when we communicate locally and authentically. (Isaac’s presentation deck is here attached.)

The Voter Services Committee has formed a Rural Outreach Subcommittee. Our contact is Justin Meyers.

The CDP is making Voter Circle, a friend to friend voter outreach app, available at no charge for rural counties. Amy Champ is meeting with them in Sacramento this week. Details to follow on how to sign up. In the meantime, here is the link to their website

We were honored to have civil rights icon Dolores Huerta speak to us. I was particularly struck by her call to action to rally support in the Legislature for SB 623, Senator Bill Monning’s measure to provide all Californians with clean and safe drinking water. The bill is facing an uphill battle and will need our support when the Legislature reconvenes August 6.

Shockingly and intolerably, one million Californians, mainly in rural and disadvantaged areas, do not have access to reliable, safe, clean drinking water. Clean drinking water has been deemed a human right and is mandated by state law.

In that vein, as Mike Smith reported, the Water Policy Discussion Group has formed an offshoot, working group to monitor that state monies already available are actually getting to rural and disadvantaged communities.

Also on the topic of water, much as our Water Policy Discussion Group arrived at no consensus, so too the E-Board voted “no position” on Proposition 3 (aka the Water Bond).

Regarding the internet – a key issue for our rural communities, the call went out to keep up the pressure on Net Neutrality. Push your legislators. And, if you can, please attend and voice our concerns at the California Public Utility Commission workshop on its funding program to extend rural broadband September 25 in Sacramento. Here is the agenda for that meeting and a link to watch the livestream.

A thousand apologies to Helene Rouvier, who started to give her presentation on the excellent work being done by the Cannabis Committee, but was cut short by time constraints. Please read her flyer, by clicking here, which lays out the significance of this issue to rural communities and small farmers, how you can get better informed and involved, starting with answering the survey to identify the specific concerns in your county.

Lastly, we passed an amended version of our Bylaws, which will be posted on our Rural Caucus website and the CADEM website. The Bylaws are still a “work in progress” as more amendments will be needed to comply with the requirements of the CDP Rules Committee for our Caucus re-certification. I will get those revisions to you as soon as I get them, certainly in plenty of time before our next meeting in Long Beach in November.

I am very proud of the work we are doing on so many important topics. Please know how much I appreciate you and all that you do.

With all my very best, Joy

Congressman Thompson’s June update

June Legislative Update
• Congressman Thompson blasted the Administration for its “zero-tolerance” policy that separates kids from their parents, including condemning the policy in a statement with local faith leaders and after visiting a facility in Virginia that houses children separated from their families. He continues to demand answers about the whereabouts of the kids and their conditions as well as fighting to reunite families and ensure this inhumane policy is ended once and for all.

• The Congressman also announced that the American Legion and AMVETS, two of our nation’s largest veterans service organizations, have endorsed his bill to restore and maintain the Mare Island Cemetery. This cemetery is the final resting place for over 800 of our nation’s veterans and must be preserved in their honor. The bill has more than 85 cosponsors, Democrat and Republican, and continues to gain momentum towards final passage.

• Congressman Thompson announced that the Department of Transportation has awarded Napa County $15 million in federal funding for runway repairs at the Napa County Airport. An important economic hub for our district, the airport will now have funding to repair and repave a critical runway.

• The Congressman also announced his 2018 Service Academy Appointees who will serve in our nation’s military academies this fall. They include: Charleen Mei Lazaro Muyot and Patrick McDermott for the U.S. Air Force Academy, John “Jack” Murray and Antonius Wells for the U.S. Naval Acadmy, and Dora Zoeller for the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

Assemblywoman Cecilia Aguiar-Curry’s July Report

  • Cecilia has been monitoring the Pawnee and County Fires and has been in constant communication with CalFire, OES and local electeds and first responders. She and Senator McGuire came to Lake after the Pawnee fire began.
  • November General Election:  Cecilia will face one of the official “write in” candidates from the June election.  The highest vote getter from the “write in” candidates moves on to the November election. This is standard.  The candidate could receive three votes and if they are the highest write in candidate voter getter, they move onto the General.

We are still waiting for confirmation about who the candidate will be in the General.

  • Last weekend, Cecilia participated with Congressman Thompson and Leader Nancy Pelosi in the inaugural Rock the Ride/Walk benefit ride in Yountville to bring awareness about gun violence and raise money for nonprofits working on gun violence prevention.