Locally Endorsed Lake County Democratic Campaigns

October 30, 2014

Lake County Democrats, these are our endorsed campaigns locally for November 4, 2014.
Please spend an hour or two this weekend helping out your favorite campaign and help a Democrat win!!!

Contact them here:

• Sorhna Jordan for Assessor/Recorder

• Jeri Spittler for Supervisor

• Bruno Sabatier for Clearlake City Council

• Mireya Turner for Lakeport City Council

• Measure O

• Measure S

Weekly Address: Focused on the Fight Against Ebola

October 28, 2014

In this week’s address, the President discusses the measures we are taking to respond to Ebola cases at home, while containing the epidemic at its source in West Africa.

Democratic Central Committee to meet November 6, 2014

October 27, 2014

The Lake County Democratic Central Committee will meet Thursday November 6, 2014 at the Lower Lake Methodist Church Community Meeting Room at 16255 2nd Street in Lower Lake at 6 p.m. Here is the map link: http://goo.gl/maps/A8oiW

We will be discussing the United States involvement in the Middle East Conflict and committee appointments.

The agenda for the November 6, 2014 meeting includes reports from representatives for Congressmen Mike Thompson and John Garamendi, Assemblyman Bill Dodd and State Senator Mike McGuire, as well as reports from the Stonewall Democratic Club Chair Essie Coons and representative from the Lake County Democratic Club Paula Mune.

If you would like to get involved, please come to the meeting and we will find a way for you to participate. 

Meetings are open to the public, and committee membership is open to all registered Democrats.

The Lake County Democratic Central Committee is the official governing body of the Democratic Party in Lake County.

For more information about the Democratic Party in Lake County visit our visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/LakeCountyDemocrats

Contact the Democratic Party of Lake County at 707-533-4885 or by email at democratsoflakecounty@gmail.com .

November 2014 Agenda For The Lake County Democratic Central Committee

Props 1&2

October  8, 2014



TV Spot “Firefighter”

TV Spot “Folsom”

TV Spot “Pendulum”

Mike McGuire

October 20, 2014

Mike McGuire State Senate

Bill Dodd

October 20, 2014

Bill Dodd

Weekly Address: What You Need To Know About Ebola

October 18, 2014

In this week’s address, the President discussed what the United States is doing to respond to Ebola, both here at home and abroad, and the key facts Americans need to know. There is no country better prepared to confront the challenge Ebola poses than the U.S. and although even one case here at home is too many, the country is not facing an outbreak of the disease. Our medical professionals tell us Ebola is difficult to catch, and is only transmitted through direct contact with the bodily fluids of someone who is showing symptoms.


The President made clear that he and his entire administration will continue to do everything possible to prevent further transmission of the disease domestically, and to contain and end the Ebola epidemic at its source in West Africa.

WALKtober is here – Join us this Sunday!

 Mike McGuire State Senate

Dear Friend,We’re in the final stretch of our grassroots campaign and that can mean only one thing: It’s WALKtober!That’s why we’re back in Lakeport talking to voters at their doorsteps this coming Sunday, October 19. Come walk with us!

Our big Lakeport neighborhood walk day is extra special because we’re teaming up with Assembly candidate Bill Dodd!

Here are the details:

WHAT: Join Mike, Bill and our team as we walk the beautiful neighborhoods of Lakeport and ask voters to join our grassroots campaigns.

WHEN: This coming Sunday, October 19, starting at 10:00 a.m.

MORNING MEET-UP LOCATION: Democratic Party headquarters, 350 N. Main Street in Lakeport

SAVE ROOM: We’ll have a continental breakfast waiting for you along with a terrific lunch after the walk!

RSVP: Contact Karlene Rebich at 
Karlene@MikeMcGuireForSenate.com or (707) 838-3279

Our powerhouse volunteers on the McGuire team are closing in on 100,000 door knocks and phone calls since June and we need your help this Sunday to make WALKtober a huge success – sign up today!

Thanks for your support and enjoy your week!


LAKE COUNTY NEWS: Federal judge grants preliminary injunction against county of Lake over warrantless marijuana searches

October 15, 2014

US District Judge Thelton Henderson enjoined the county of Lake, its employees and officers from enforcing Ordinance No. 2997 – known also as Measure N – “through warrantless searches or summary abatement actions without consent, unless doing so is necessary to prevent immediate physical harm to persons or property, the destruction of evidence for a criminal case, or the escape of a criminal suspect.”

Henderson’s action, however, does not invalidate Measure N.

Voters passed Measure N, which provides guidelines for medical marijuana cultivation in June. It originally had been passed unanimously by the Board of Supervisors last December as Ordinance No. 2997 but early this year was forced to a referendum through a signature gathering effort.

Measure N – which went into effect on July 11, following the final certification of the June primary election’s results – includes rules that govern the size of indoor grows and also prevent outdoor grows in neighborhoods, specifically in community growth boundaries.

In early August, the Lake County Sheriff’s Office – which is responsible for enforcing Measure N – carried out a series of eradications throughout different communities in the county, including Spring Valley near Clearlake Oaks.

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LAKE COUNTY NEWS: Sample ballot booklets for November election contain errors; new booklets to be issued

October 15, 2014

Wednesday, 15 October 2014 01:04   Lake County News reports

LAKE COUNTY, Calif. – The Lake County Registrar of Voters Office said that new sample ballot booklets and supplemental booklets are being sent to voters after printing errors were discovered.

Registrar of Voters Diane Fridley said that on Tuesday her staff discovered several printing errors in the booklets after receiving the county’s sample ballot shipment.

The errors were made by the printing vendor her office contracts with for the booklets, Fridley said.

Fridley said voters residing in the following precincts will receive a new complete replacement sample ballot booklet titled “Reprint-2nd Issue”:

– 122 – Lower Lake;

– 124 – Bell Park, Clearlake;

– All of the voting precincts within the city limits of Lakeport: 411– LP Lange, 412 – LP Willow Tree, – 413 – LP Government, 414 – LP Fairgrounds;

– 421D – Cow Mountain;

– 422 – Scotts Valley;

– 441 – Big Valley;

– 442 – Lands End;

– 452 – Lakeside Pk;

– 461 – Donovan Valley.

Fridley said voters can check to see if they will be receiving a replacement sample ballot booklet by looking at the back cover of the sample ballot booklet under the nonprofit box-ballot type of 2, 8, 10 and 11.

Voters receiving a replacement sample ballot booklet should destroy their first sample ballot booklet because it contains incorrect information, Fridley said.

Fridley said all other voters not residing within the voting precincts listed above will be receiving a “supplemental” sample ballot booklet with the text of the proposed local measures within their jurisdictions.

She said voters who receive those supplemental booklets should not throw away their sample ballot booklet because the candidates printed on the sample ballot pages as well as their printed candidate statements are correct.

The only incorrect part of those booklets, Fridley said, is the first page of the marijuana cultivation ordinance Measure O.

Fridley said Measure L from the 2014 June Primary is printed instead of the first page of Measure O, however, all the other pages of Measure O are correct.

Fridley said the replacement booklets and the supplemental booklets will be printed at the printing vendor’s expense and not at the expense of Lake County taxpayers.

Voters are advised to phone the Lake County Registrar of Voters Office at 707-263-2372 if they have any questions.

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Weekly Address: America Is a Place Where Hard Work Should Be Rewarded

October 12, 2014

In this week’s address, the President made the case for why it’s past time to raise the minimum wage. Increasing the national minimum wage to $10.10 an hour would benefit 28 million Americans, and make our economy stronger. While Republicans in Congress have blocked this commonsense proposal, a large and growing coalition of state and local leaders and owners of businesses large and small have answered the President’s call and raised wages for their residents and employees.

This progress is important, but there is more that can be done. No American who works full time should have to raise a family in poverty. That’s why the President will continue to push Congress to take action and give America its well-deserved raise.

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