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Standing Committees

As designated by our bylaws, The Democratic Party of Lake County shall be divided, in order to effectively carry out its stated purposes, into standing sub-committees and such other committees as it may from time to time find necessary and/or expedient. All such sub-committees and the Chair thereof shall be appointed by the DPLC Chair, subject only to the will of the general membership. All regular voting members of the Committee shall serve on at least one standing committee. Alternates for partisan legislators are required to serve on both the Elections & Issues Committees.


Elections Committee – candidate development & endorsement

Chair – Becky Curry (D5)

Members- Sissa Harris (D1); Dirk Slooten (D2); John Sheehy (D3); Virginia Cerenio (D4); Adckinjo Esutoki (D5); Shao Jia-Chang (Congressman Thompson alternate); Stephanie Pahwa (Assy. Aguiar-Curry alternate); Deb Baumann (DPLC Chair); Ron Green (D1)


Finance Committee – provide financial oversight for the DPLC

Chair – Susan Cameron (Treasurer) (D1)

Members – Mary Smith (D1); James Evans (D3) (Asst. Treasurer); Dave Rogers (D4); Virginia Cerenio (D4); Tom Jordon (D4), Deb Baumann (DPLC Chair)


Issues Committee – Screens and develops positions  on issues and resolutions for DPLC action

Chair – Doug Harris (D1)

Members – Sissa Harris (D1); Shirley Howland (D2); Louis Rigod (D3); Dave Rogers (D4); Juliana Vidich (D5); Shao Jia-Chang (Congressman Thompson alternate); Stephanie Pahwa (Assy. Aguiar-Curry alternate); Deb Baumann (DPLC Chair)


Registration Committee – develop and carry out an effective ongoing Democratic voter registration campaign

Chair – Mary Borjon (D5)

Members – Susan Blair (D1); Shirley Howland (D2); Chloe Karl (D4); Larry Bean (D4)


Programs and Recruitment Committee – implement engaging and educational programs that advocate for
Democratic candidates and policies and stimulate active participation in the Democratic party.

Chair- Susan Cameron (D1)

Members: Susan Blair (D1); Joyce Adams (D2); Ceva Giumelli (D2); James Evans (D3); Louis Rigod (D3);
John Sheehy (D3); Gillian Parrillo (D4); open (D5)