CONGRATS to Charise Reynolds for Winning on June 7

Lake County Democrats congratulate Charise Reynolds for winning her seat on the MUSD School Board on June 7, 2022.  WE NEVER GET TIRED OF WINNING!

Charise Reynolds has lived in her district 20 years and has been volunteering in her school district for 19 years. Nearly two decades working within the Lake County Department of Social Services gives her a broad range of management and leadership experience. She seeks to bring healing and sound fiscal leadership to a district that has seen much turmoil in recent years. If elected, Reynolds seeks to focus decision making on the needs of the children and the district. As a board member, she will work to foster caring, excellence, communication, and participation. Her goal is to move the district forward with focus on the budget, bonds, supporting teachers and ensuring a positive and constructive learning environment for students while engaging the community.