The Lake County Democratic Party will host a virtual meeting on August 12, at 6:00 pm on Proposition 15: Schools and Communities First.  This initiative was put on the ballot by a record-breaking 1.7 million people who believe wealthy corporations need to pay their fair share.  Our guest speaker, Jerry Eaton serves on the CTA Governing Board, representing District A which encompasses nine counties including Lake.

Jerry Eaton is a veteran high school teacher in the Travis Unified School District in Solano County and former school board member in Vacaville Unified.  A longtime union activist with 14 years of overall teaching experience, Eaton has been active with CTA at the state and local levels. He served for five years as a local delegate to the CTA State Council of Education, the union’s top governing body. For the Travis Unified Teachers Association, he served as vice president, political action committee chair and local school site representative, among other duties.  Mr. Eaton contains a wealth of knowledge on the subject of school funding.

If passed by the voters, Proposition 15 would tax some commercial property based on its market value, rather than the price at which it was purchased. This would raise property taxes on some large businesses across the state, increasing funding for schools and local government. The measure would apply to commercial landowners with more than $3 million in property holdings, resulting in an estimated $6.5 to $11.5 billion more for cities, counties, and school districts.

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