MINUTES Meeting of Thursday, May 4, 2017 Lowerlake Methodist Church


Meeting called to order 6:40pm by Chair Carlos Negrete.

Roll call taken by circulating an attendance sheet.

Quorum verified to be present. Voting Members Present: District 1: Susan Cameron, Ron Green, Carlos Negrete, Wanda Harris via Alternate Dolores Barron, District 2: Shirley Howland; Tim Everton (voted in at this meeting) District 3: Deb Baumann, James Evans, Louis Rigod, John Sheehy; District 4: Larry Bean, Virginia Cerenio, Tom Jordan, Natalie Higley District 5: Debra Boivin, Becky Curry, Ex-Officio Alternates: Lenny Mathews (Aguiar-Curry) Club Representative: Richard East Voting Members Absent: District 3: Jonathan Holt District 5: Adckinjo Esutoki, Holly Luia (resigning) Sissa Harris (Garamendi) — Attendance not required Michael Friel (Thompson) — Attendance not required Joey Luiz (McGuire) — Attendance not required Regular Member Alternates Present: Dolores Barron, Carlene Lesker, Jim Knox Associate Members present: Anna Ravenwood, David Rogers Guests: Holper Jergens Approval of Agenda Agenda approved as amended (M/S by D.Baumann/B.Curry – Approved) Approval of March 2, 2017

Minutes: One correction: Sub-committee memberships updated Minutes approved as amended (M/S by J.Evans/L.Rigod – Approved)

Public Comment Anna Ravenwood announced she will be new Alternate for Debra Boivin, and requested that Constituency Services Office (CSO) in Lake County be added to June agenda.

Appointments & Resignations Alternate Appointments: D5 – Anna Ravenwood for Debra Boivin Resignations: D5 – Move to accept resignation of Holly Luia (M/S by D.Baumann/B.Curry – Approved)

New District Regular Members: D2 – Move to confirm Tim Everton for open seat in D2 – (Approved)

• In April, D.Baumann nominated David Rogers for open seat in D4, seconded by S.Cameron – TABLED Open seats for regular members are now as follows: D2 – 1 seat; D4 – 1 seat; D5 – 2 seats Lake County Democratic Central Committee PO Box 1151 Lakeport CA 95453 Phone 707.533.4885; www.lakecountydemocrats.org FPPC#961174/FEC#C00389189

Legislator’s Reports Congress Member Thompson – Alternate M. Friel Becky Curry received email from Michael saying he would not be able to attend, but he did discuss Constituency Services Office (CSO) with Thompson’s aide and response was strong “no way”

Congress Member John Garamendi – Alternate S.Harris not present, D.Baumann gave report sent by Sissa: • I attended Congressman Garamendi’s Senior Roundtable in April, held at the Live Oak Senior Center – as did several our local DCC folks. This meeting was videotaped and is available to view on the Congressman’s Facebook page. The Congressman held at least four other Roundtable/Town hall meetings, all available to watch on Facebook.

• The same day Carlene Leskar and I did voter registration at the Woodland Community College Earth Day event. We handed out several forms, but only received one completed form. I have a copy of this form to pass on to our membership person.

• Congressman Garamendi has appeared on MSNBC and CNN 3 times this month discussing foreign policy, especially the situation with North Korea. All are available to view on Facebook. He was on Fox News discussing Climate Change (and other issues) over the last week (these aren’t available on Facebook). I appreciate that he is vocal about issues that concern our local DCC.

• The Congressman continues to stand strong against Trump Care, and is a co-sponsor of HR 676, Medicare for All.

• The Congressman promises to fight to keep the National Monuments safe from exploitation and extraction.

• The Congressman promises to fight against the Trump Tax Plan. State Senator Mike McGuire – Alternate J.Luiz not present, no report. Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry –

Alternate Lenny Matthews gave report: Lenny is moving to Ashville NC and a new Aguiar-Curry rep will be needed. Legislation AB707 – Blue Ribbon Committee for the Rehabilitation of Clear Lake AB 707 would establish a Blue Ribbon Committee for the Rehabilitation of Clear Lake, housed within the Natural Resources Agency. By working towards improving the environmental quality of the lake, this bill will benefit Lake County as a first step in helping the local economy through promoting tourism and job creation. Status: In Assembly Appropriations AB1665 – Telecommunications: California Advanced Services Fund (Assemblymember is a primary Co-Author) AB1665 expand broadband access and digital literacy to communities deprived of a reliable internet connection. Status: In Assembly Appropriations In the District Assemblymember Aguiar-Curry attended and spoke at the Lake County Democratic Party event in April. Also in April, she met and toured Anderson Marsh State Park. She will be attending the graduation ceremony at Woodland Community College – Lake County campus on May 26. On June 16th, she will be speaking and attending the Kelseyville High School graduation.

Club Report – Richard East, temporary Chair:  Club met on April 12, guest Justine Schneider spoke on immigration and law enforcement, website for her organization is peoplepower.org  Will have booth at Cinco de Mayo o Next speaker will be J. Holt on Climate o Becky Curry updated club on Walmart expansion o Wanda Harris nominated Susan Cameron to chair, club approved

Next meeting: May 10

Officer Reports: Chair Negrete – • Due to passage of SB415, no more off-year elections in Lake County, therefore everyone whose term would have expired in 2017 will serve until 2018 • Eric Parades of SEIU Local 2015 would like to come to our meeting and work with DCC’s

• Dollar General approved for Middletown, causing ruckus

• Billion dollar resort planned at Guenoc starting now… Butts Canyon Road Vice Chair Curry:

• MOE training via PDI  no word yet – PDI wants to come to each county to train but that probably won’t happen before the convention. For those of you who want to start on this I can make you a login/pword & you can do some self training.

• Dollar General ClearLake 9100 sq ft major use permit appeal denied by BOS 4-1 vote o However we understand now that DG is back with a minor use permit for a smaller building o Dismayed by the wobbliness of some BOS members on this issue.

• Walmart expansion – thanks to all who submitted public comment & signed petition – still time to sign petition- I’ll send it out again. No word yet on when 1st public hearing @ clrlk PC will be.

• Harold Riley – June is Pride month

• Voter reg tabled @ earth day in clrlk

Secretary Baumann: • SB 562 was topic of April PDA/Our Revolution meeting

• Mike Thompson signed onto H676 (pressured by Justice Democrats) Treasurer Evans: No Report

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS NOTE 1: As DCC Chair, Carlos Negrete is a member of all committees. NOTE 2: * indicates committee which should have at least 1 member from each District Elections* – D4 Tom Jordan, Chair / D1 Ron Green, D2 Tim Everton, D3 John Sheehy, D4 Virginia Cerenio, D5 –VACANT, Alternate Reps for Garamendi, Thompson, McGuire, Aguiar-Curry

• Chair Jordan said committee never met to discuss formal LC DCC endorsement in the CDP Chair race because he assumed delegates would decide for themselves how to vote.

• SB 415 – local elections bill, 24 electeds up by 2018, 12 are GOP, 7 decline to state

• Looking for local folks willing to step up and run Finance – D3 James Evans, Chair / D1 Susan Cameron, D4 Virginia Cerenio, D4 Tom Jordan, D5 Adckinjo Esutoki o Susan Cameron requested results of 100 Day Dinner at next meeting Issues* — D3 Deb Baumann, Chair / D1 Ron Green, D2 Shirley Howland, D3 Louis Rigod, D4 Jim Knox, D5 VACANT, Alternate Reps for Garamendi, Thompson, McGuire, Aguiar-Curry

Issues Committee Recommendations for May 4: 1) AB 14 California DISCLOSE Act of 2017 – would make it easier for voters to see the true funders of political ads by improving the clarity of the formatting of disclosures and by making it illegal to purposely mislead voters about who paid for them. RECOMMEND YES, SUPPORT M/S Ron Green/James Evans, APPROVED 2) California Bail Reform (Senate Bill 10 – Hertzberg; Assembly Bill 42 – Bonta) RECOMMEND YES, SUPPORT M/S Ron Green/Becky Curry, APPROVED 3) Rural Telephone and Internet Service Quality – No Recommendation from IC yet – discussed at DCC, motion to support M/S by Becky Curry/Natalie Higley, APPROVED Voter Registration* — D5 Debra Boivin, Chair / D1 – Wanda Harris, D2 Shirley Howland, D3 Jon Holt, D4 Larry Bean, D4 Natalie Higley Voter Registration Booths:

• May 7 – Cinco de Mayo, Bruno’s parking lot in Lakeport

• May 19 – HVL Concert on the Green

• May 28 – Lower Lake Days Descriptions of Standing committee duties are in the DPLC bylaws http://lakecountydemocrats.org/about-us/bylaws/democratic-party-of-lake-county-bylaws-revised-june-7-2015/


100 Day Dinner – Debra Boivin, Chair – Committee members – J. Evans; S. Harris; W. Harris; C. Negrete; A. Ravenwoode; L. Rigod; Everything ready, reminder that desserts need to be delivered by 3pm, bring recipe card

New Business

1) Volunteer needed to manage website content – Adckinjo will be available to train Natalie Higley volunteered tentatively depending on software (Word Press), Carolos will send login info to Natalie

2) DCC Member Recruitment – Susan Cameron will write proposed charter for new committee to recruit members

3) BBQ organizer and committee – Natalie Higley volunteered to chair BBQ committee with help from Becky Curry and others. Date: October 8, 15 or 22..? Location: Clearlake Senior Center

4) “Resiliance” free screening at Soper Reese in Lakeport on May 19 Announcements o Susan Cameron: Healthy California chapter formation meeting Saturday at 4pm, 11 people are scheduled to attend, she will feed them good food

Next meeting is Thursday June 1 2017 at 6:30pm – Kelseyville Sr Center Adjourned at 8:45pm Minutes recorded by secretary D.Baumann