Minutes for June 1st, 2017 DCC Meeting

MINUTES Meeting of Thursday, June 1, 2017

Kelseyville Senior Center

CALL TO ORDER – ROLL CALL Meeting called to order 6:30pm by Chair Carlos Negrete.

Roll call taken by circulating an attendance sheet. Quorum verified to be present.

Voting Members Present: District 1: Susan Cameron, Ron Green (via Alternate Doug Harris), Carlos Negrete, District 2: Shirley Howland; District 3: Deb Baumann, James Evans, Jonathan Holt, Louis Rigod, John Sheehy; District 4: Larry Bean, Virginia Cerenio, Tom Jordan, Natalie Higley District 5: Debra Boivin, Becky Curry, Adckinjo Esutoki Ex-Officio Alternates: Michael Friel, Sissa Harris Club Representative: Richard East Voting Members Absent: District 2: Tim Everton Joey Luiz (McGuire) — Attendance not required Regular Member Alternates Present: Carlene Lesker, Stephanie Pahwa, Associate Members present: Dolores Barron, Ava Kennedy, Anna Ravenwood, Guests: Greg Peters, Ann Prehn Approval of Agenda Agenda approved as amended* (M/S by J.Evans/N.Higley – Approved)

• Club report to be given by Richard East (not Susan Cameron)

• Added Susan Cameron’s Membership Committee proposal to Ongoing Business Approval of May 4, 2017 Minutes: Minutes approved as amended* (M/S by S.Cameron/A.Esutoki – Approved)

• Correct name of Club’s upcoming speaker = Jocelyn Hoey on Climate Reality Project

• Correct name of Susan Cameron’s group = Health Care for All

Public Comment

• Louis Rigod expressed concern about loss of jobs due to robot technology. Appointments & Resignations Resignations & Vacancies:

• Lenny Mathews is moving & can no longer be Ex-Officio Alternate for C.Aguiar-Curry

• D1 – passing of Wanda Harris opens one seat and one Alternate seat New District Regular Members:

• D1 – B.Curry nominated Doug Harris, seconded by T. Jordan Open seats for regular members are now as follows:

• D1 – 1 seat (nomination has been made); D2 – 1 seat; D4 – 1 seat; D5 – 2 seats

• Ex-Officio Alternate for C.Aguiar-Curry Legislator’s Reports Congress Member Thompson – Alternate M. Friel

• As Chairman of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, Mike joined former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, members of Team 26, and other activists and lawmakers to demand Congress take steps to reduce gun violence. To that end, Mike proposed forming a Select Committee on Gun Violence to study causes of mass shootings, how to improve background checks, linkages between firearms and suicides, and other important information.

• Given the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and mounting links between the President and Russia, Mike called for an independent commission to investigate. He praised the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor. Mike also introduced a resolution with other sitting and former members of the House Intelligence Community condemning the President’s sharing of classified information with Russia.

• With talk in Washington turning to tax reform, Mike wrote a powerful op-ed for The Hill saying tax reform should help the middle class instead of billionaires or big business. Tax reform has to mean more than tax cuts—it especially needs to do more than just cut the corporate tax rate. Mike proposed expanding tax credits to help working adults return to school, bringing back the Build America bond program to put Americans back to work in infrastructure, and other programs that would help our families.

• Mike sharply criticized the President’s budget proposal as a full-throated attack on the middle class. It would gut Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps, student loans, the Highway Trust Fund, the EPA, medical research, and other critical programs.

• Mike authored bipartisan proposals to expand access to telehealth services—allowing rural and underserved communities to get better care—and provide additional protections to those who use prosthetic and orthotic services. One of Mike’s top priorities is making sure our communities have the healthcare they need and deserve, and he continues to work across the aisle to expand access to critical services.

• Finally, Mike hosted a group of Mexican-American vintners from our district in Washington to highlight their success. Many grew their businesses literally from the ground up, and they are living proof the American Dream is still alive and well. Additional discussion: Many present had suggestions for actions they would like to see:

• Anna Ravenwood requested that Thompson do what he can to impeach Trump.

• Greg Peters would like to see taxes raised on the wealthy.

• Larry Bean said corporations should pay more taxes.

• Adckinjo Esutoki said we need to start talking point on emboldening of Trump’s followers, wants Thompson to counter the craziness.

• Deb Baumann said defensiveness is not a winning strategy, Democrats need to give voters positive reasons to vote for them. “We’re not Trump” did not work in 2016 and will not work in future, either. Congress Member John Garamendi – Alternate S.Harris: In the month of May, Congressman Garamendi

• issued an Op Ed (printed in the local papers) opposing any changes that would affect the status of the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument in response to President Trump’s Executive Order on the Review of Designations under the Antiquities Act.

• reiterated his support for net neutrality and his opposition of Representative Mike Lee’s (R-Utah) nullifying the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) net neutrality rules.

• announced that he is a proud cosponsor of the Equality Act, HR 2282, which would update the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to include sexual orientation, gender and gender identity.

• introduced the Energizing American Shipbuilding Act, an important bill to require at least 30 percent of exports of crude oil and liquefied natural gas to be carried on American-made ships by 2025.

• voted no on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act and publicly vowed to continue the fight for improving the ACA, which Trump Care does not do.

• called for Jared Kushner’s security clearance to be revoked, and for Congress to create a bipartisan, independent commission to investigate Russia’s involvement in the election and any undisclosed ties to the Administration. The FBI investigation will be limited to issues of criminality, so Congressman Garamendi believes that Congress needs to act, too. Note: Congressman Garamendi was one of the original cosponsors of #HR356, the Protecting our Democracy Act, establishing a bipartisan independent commission to investigate foreign influence in the 2016 election (also has Republican co-sponsors).

• went on record opposing the cuts to education, social programs, science and research proposed in the Trump budget. He made several media appearances to discuss the consequences of this budget proposal.

• went on record opposing the United States pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord, as it seems is a possibility.

• voted in favor of H.R. 953 reversing a court decision concerning the pesticide approval process through the EPA (requiring a Clean Water Act permit prior to going public). NOTE: At the request of interested community members, I e-mailed his office staff on May 26, 2017 asking for a position statement outlining his reasons for supporting this legislation. To date, I have not received a reply.

Additional Discussion: • James Evans thanks Congr. Garamendi for his media appearances explaining healthcare industry.

• Michael Friel requested that Garamendi arrange a meeting for the Middlecreek Restoration project.

• Jonathan Holt requested Garamendi take action to support Spring Valley Lakes Recovery project, which is “shovel ready” and just needs funding.

State Senator Mike McGuire – Alternate J.Luiz not present, no report.

• Becky Curry said she would alert Sen. McGuire to the Spring Valley Lakes Recovery project, per Jonathan Holt’s comment above.

Assembly Member Cecilia Aguiar-Curry – Alternate Lenny Matthews absent, no report.

Additional Discussion:  Tom Jordan commented on AB707 – Blue Ribbon Committee for the Rehabilitation of Clear Lake, said Native American tribes had requested their own representative to that committee.

• Tom Jordan requested that PG&E rates be changed so as to raise the tier 1 ceiling by 30%, due to high usage in rural areas by residents who do not have gas as an option. Club Report – Richard East, Club Representative

• Guest speaker at May meeting – Jocelyn Suzanne Hoey of the Climate Reality Project

• HealthCare for All now has its own Lake Co. chapter: www.healthcareforall.org

• Newly elected Chair Susan Cameron has as priorities: 2018 elections, building a structure to increase membership and adding social events to build camaraderie

• Treasurer John Sheehy reported balance on hand of just over $4200 and 2 new members in April

• Call Debra Boivin to help with tabling for voter registration events this summer 628-8590

• In July the LCDC will meet on July 5th instead of July 12th.

• On June 14th there will be a Pot Luck Social before the meeting at 5:30. Guest speakers will be Joey Luiz on executive orders targeting LGBTQ and CL Vice-Mayor Bruno Sabatier on Clearlake’s annual Pride Proclamation Officer Reports:

Chair Negrete – Had phone meeting with Registrar of Voters about impact of changes to local polling stations (“Voters Choice California”) – Lake County will not be impacted.

• Nominate Stephanie Pahwa for opening of Ex-Officio Alternate for C.Aguiar-Curry

• BBQ speakers –tried to get Dave Jones, Daraka Larimore-Hall, Kevin de Leon, Gavin Newsom, John Chang

• CADEM Officer election showed we are a divided party, need to unite

• Next Gen Climate – grants available, BOS is interested

Vice Chair Curry: Attended Next Gen workshop at convention, Voter Services Committee, how to run small campaigns • Suggested we obtain pocket Constitutions to give to newly registered voters

Secretary Baumann: Next speaker at June meeting of Our Revolution, Lake County / PDA is Gayle McLaughlin, former mayor of Richmond CA and current candidate for Lt. Governor of California.

Treasurer Evans: April & May 2017 (4-1-2017 to 5-31-2017) — BOH = $3,370.16 o General Fund: o In April & May we received $175 in dues, $128 for commemorative glasses and $2,262 for the 100 Days Dinner. We spent $48 for Act Blue fees, $1,367 for our accountant, $28 for office supplies, $10 for postage stamps, $715 for the storage unit, $1,031 for the 100 Days Dinner and $25 for the BBQ facility reservation deposit. Our balance on hand is $3,370.

STANDING COMMITTEE REPORTS NOTE 1: As DCC Chair, Carlos Negrete is a member of all committees. NOTE 2: * indicates committee which should have at least 1 member from each District Elections* – D4 Tom Jordan, Chair / D1 Ron Green, D2 Tim Everton, D3 John Sheehy, D4 Virginia Cerenio, D5 –VACANT, Alternate Reps for Garamendi, Thompson, McGuire, Aguiar-Curry

• Becky Curry said she would like the open seat for D5 (must be appointed by Chair Negrete)

• School district vacancies in 2018: Upper Lake, Kelseyville, Clear Lake

• All four judges will be up for re-election

• Becky will send updated spreadsheet to entire DCC

• Susan Cameron asked how to get the word out? For one, contact people who ran and lost last time.

Finance – D3 James Evans, Chair / D1 Susan Cameron, D4 Virginia Cerenio, D4 Tom Jordan, D5 Adckinjo Esutoki

Feb- May Report: • New Members: Six new members joined since January. We welcome Timothy Everton, Michael Friel, Michael Green, David Rogers, George Spurr and Marilyn Swan.

• Commemorative Glasses: We received $128 for 49 commemorative glasses at the 100 Days Dinner. My full accounting of glassware is somewhat skewed due to potential inaccuracies reported to me. That said we have received $544 for 185 glasses since we received the glasses in 2014. We paid $616 dollars for 314 glasses at that time. We should have 129 more glasses in stock.

• 100 Days Dinner: We received $2,462 in donations for the 100 Days Dinner. Of that $1,950 were reservations, $455 were door donations and $57 were beverage donations. We received 98 reservations, 13 RSVPs and 23 door entries. Total attendance was 80. We spent $1,700 to fund the event including $452 for invitations, $139 for facility rent, $1,000 for catering and $101 for beverages. The net proceeds from the event is $770. And we signed up 4 new Central Committee associate members.

Issues* — D3 Deb Baumann, Chair / D1 Ron Green, D2 Shirley Howland, D3 Louis Rigod, D4 Jim Knox, D5 VACANT, Alternate Reps for Garamendi, Thompson, McGuire, Aguiar-Curry

• Issues Committee met 3 times in two months prior to May convention, and read/researched over a dozen bills and resolutions… therefore taking a break and no meetings in June.

• Debra Boivin requested to fill D5 vacant seat (must be appointed by Chair Negrete)

Voter Registration* — D5 Debra Boivin, Chair / D1 – VACANT, D2 Shirley Howland, D3 Jon Holt, D4 Larry Bean, D4 Natalie Higley

• Circulated sign-up too DCC members for voter registration work Descriptions of Standing committee duties are in the DPLC bylaws http://lakecountydemocrats.org/about-us/bylaws/democratic-party-of-lake-county-bylaws-revised-june-7-2015/

ONGOING BUSINESS • Website – Natalie Higley is updating website and logo • BBQ Update – Natalie Higley and Becky Curry have set the location (Clearlake Senior Center) and date (October 8) and are working with CDP on insurance. Next year, should start planning in January, and consider finding a new venue (?)

• Susan Cameron presented proposal for new Membership Committee & moved to approve, seconded by N.Higley. After much group discussion, motion was not approved.

Announcements -Tom Jordan –June 21 fundraising event for Kelseyville Senior Center

• Susan Cameron – Financing Plan for SB 562 finally published – good news (HealthyCalifornia.org)

• Carlos Negrete – tribes are sponsoring boat races this weekend and July 3 will hold fireworks at Konocti Vista Casino

• Ava Kennedy – progressives will meet informally at Buddha Thai in Middletown on Fridays at noon

• Next DCC meeting is Thursday July 6, 2017 at 6:30pm – Lowerlake Methodist Church Adjourned at 8:40pm Minutes recorded by secretary D.Baumann