John Garamendi Report

         Opposed Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord, issuing an official statement and joining 20 of House colleagues in asking the governors of California, Oregon, and Washington to maintain these states’ leadership in finding solutions to the climate crisis. He also authored a column for the Davis’ Enterprise outlining his reasons for opposing Trump’s move.

·         As a Founding Director of Operation Respect, a national organization dedicated to creating learning environments free of bullying and prejudice, Congressman Garamendi joined a discussion of programs and strategies aimed at ending the epidemic of bullying (at the organizations meeting held in Washington, DC early this month).

·         Appeared on FOX news, MSNBC, & other networks to discuss the effect of repealing provisions in Dodd-Frank that protect consumers from Wall Street, the Comey firing, the nation’s infrastructure needs, tax reform and health care.

·         Committed as a solid “no” vote on the Wrong Choice Act, that (if passed) will weaken Wall Street reforms passed after the Great Recession.

·         Vowed to protect public lands threatened by the Trump administrations review of land protected by the Antiquities Act (such as the Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument).

·         Co-sponsored the 21st Century New Deal for Jobs, an infrastructure package that would employ 2.5 million Americans in its first year and help the country meet many of the most pressing infrastructure needs (roads and bridges, clean energy, clean water, transit, and rural broadband) and strengthen existing Buy America standards.

·         In the wake of the shooting of Congressman Scalise, and others, in Washington, DC the Congressman condemned violence as a response to political disagreements.

·         Regarding our continued war in Afghanistan, Congressman Garamendi authored an OpEd in USA Today, stating “It is not enough for Congress to continue to ask administration after administration for the next grand strategy in Afghanistan. It is not enough for the administration to simply explain what 13,000 troops will accomplish that 100,000 could not in 2011 at the height of our presence. It is Congress’ responsibility to authorize war, and it is long past time for the American people, through their elected representatives, to debate the terms on which this war will continue.”

·         Renewed his commitment to work toward improving the Affordable Care Act, and opposing both the House and Senate bills that are currently proposed as these worsen access to healthcare.

·         Issued an amendment to protect the Airport and Airway Trust Fund, which was unanimously adopted by the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. The trust fund is money set aside for ongoing air infrastructure needs in case of an economic downturn. He commits to opposing Trump’s proposal to privatize America’s air traffic control system, stating it’s “essential that we keep the Airport and Airway Trust Fund entirely separate from this transfer of responsibility.”

·         Authored an OpEd piece in the Sacramento Bee regarding the “twin tunnels” project, which received a green light after its environmental review. His short summary is, that this “sounds concerning, but it’s not at all the case… I believe the entire state will be much better served by focusing on water projects funded by Proposition 1, rather than spending at least $15 billion on a project that can suck the Delta dry and creates little new water.”

·         Spoke with The New York Times about his time as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia, and why it’s critical to protect this important program. The Trump budget request includes a 15% cut to Peace Corps funding. The Congressman states that this is not wise as cutting the Peace Corps’ funding curtails a vital component of U.S. international relations – providing aid, educating a community, and negotiating peaceful resolutions to foreign conflicts.

·         Announced a Town Hall in Winters on Saturday, August 19th, to discuss critical issues with attendees.  The meeting is free and open to the public, and all 3rd District residents are encouraged and invited to attend. Congressman Garamendi will deliver a brief update on the state of affairs in Washington, and then take questions from the audience. The venue is wheelchair accessible. The town hall will take place from 1:30-3:30 pm PT at St. Anthony’s Parish on 511 Main St. in Winters, CA.