As Chairman of the Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, Mike joined former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, members of Team 26, and other activists and lawmakers to demand Congress take steps to reduce gun violence. To that end, Mike proposed forming a Select Committee on Gun Violence to study causes of mass shootings, how to improve background checks, linkages between firearms and suicides, and other important information.

Given the firing of former FBI Director James Comey and mounting links between the President and Russia, Mike called for an independent commission to investigate. He praised the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Prosecutor. Mike also introduced a resolution with other sitting and former members of the House Intelligence Community condemning the President’s sharing of classified information with Russia.

With talk in Washington turning to tax reform, Mike wrote a powerful op-ed for The Hill saying tax reform should help the middle class instead of billionaires or big business. Tax reform has to mean more than tax cuts—it especially needs to do more than just cut the corporate tax rate. Mike proposed expanding tax credits to help working adults return to school, bringing back the Build America bond program to put Americans back to work in infrastructure, and other programs that would help our families.

Mike sharply criticized the President’s budget proposal as a full-throated attack on the middle class. It would gut Social Security, Medicaid, food stamps, student loans, the Highway Trust Fund, the EPA, medical research, and other critical programs.

Mike authored bipartisan proposals to expand access to telehealth services—allowing rural and underserved communities to get better care—and provide additional protections to those who use prosthetic and orthotic services. One of Mike’s top priorities is making sure our communities have the healthcare they need and deserve, and he continues to work across the aisle to expand access to critical services.

Finally, Mike hosted a group of Mexican-American vintners from our district in Washington to highlight their success. Many grew their businesses literally from the ground up, and they are living proof the American Dream is still alive and well.