3-Step Action Plan: Make Transparency Great Again

Support SB 149!

Thank you for your commitment to good government – and to increasing transparency and accountability in one of the most important decisions that voters ever make: our votes for President.

Senate Bill 149 – the Presidential Tax Transparency and Accountability Act – is designed to ensure that future elections do not result in an avalanche of unanswered questions about dangerous presidential conflicts of interest with hostile foreign governments such as Russia. Be sure to check out our SB 149 Fact Sheet for details.

We need your help! Here are three ways you can take action, bring back transparency and stand strong for American constitutional values, starting now:

1. Spread the word about SB 149 on social media and be sure to use the hashtag #TaxReturns:

Share the petition that’s on our website
Tag your state representative in your posts to thank them for their support or encourage them to take a look at the bill
Share relevant articles or TV segments on President Trump’s tax returns with a link to the website – and don’t forget to use #TaxReturns in your post

2. Let’s March! Thousands across California are organizing a massive movement on Tax Day (April 15). Join the march in your city (or organize one yourself!) to urge President Trump to release his tax returns and uphold American constitutional values. Click here to learn more about the Tax Day marches – and please share SB 149 information on the marches’ social media pages.

3. Call or email your hardworking state representative! Every message is stronger when it comes from constituents! Click here for a sample phone message, sample email and other resources you can use to help us pass the bill.

We are so grateful for you support for SB 149. If you haven’t already, add your name to our petition.

We’ll be back in touch over the next week to update you on our progress and provide you with information on an important briefing we’ll be hosting with other motivated neighbors on SB 149, how you can get involved with the Tax Day Marches and what other actions you can take to build the momentum in the weeks to come.

In the meantime, thank you for your partnership. Both Senator Wiener and I are excited to be working with you to bring transparency and accountability back to the Office of the American President.

In solidarity and friendship,

Senator Mike McGuire

P.S. Let’s keep in touch! Join the conversation on Twitter: @ILike_Mike.

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