Lake County Club guest speaker Gene Paleno on Aug 8

The Lake County Democratic Club welcomes guest speaker Gene Paleno on
Wed., Aug. 8, 2018. Paleno is an independent author, syndicated
columnist, historian and storyteller extraordinaire who lives in
Witter Springs. The son of Italian immigrants, Paleno was raised in
the 1930’s in Michigan on his family’s rural farm. In the 1950’s
after serving in the Navy during WWII, graduating from Michigan State
University, and teaching school for awhile, the entire Paleno family
came to California.

He raised his family in Southern California. Then several decades ago
Paleno came to Northern California with his second wife, a Dixieland
musician, and established a small farm. He became a widow at 84 which
was such a cataclysmic change in lifestyle that he was forced to
reinvent himself. He adopted his incorrigible cat Cleo and plunged
into pursuing his passion for storytelling.

More than 30 years ago Paleno began to write stories and at 87 he
became a syndicated columnist and publisher. His book “Lake County
History – A Mystical Adventure in Time” secured his popularity as a
writer. Now at 92 Paleno publishes “Witter Springs Chronicles,”
writes columns for Lake County Record Bee, guest lectures at the Lake
County Historical Society and Civil War Roundtable and tells his
stories.. He lives in Witter Springs, serves on the Board of Lake
County Silver Foundation and as Chair of West Regional Town Hall,
District 3.

Come to the next meeting on August 8 and enjoy a story about a
rambunctious raccoon that harasses Paleno and Cleo. And also a bit
about what we Democrats (and good Republicans) can do to make our
country even greater than it is.

The Lake County Democratic Club meets every 2nd Wednesday at 6:30 pm
in the Social Hall of the United Methodist Church, 16255 2nd Street,
Lower Lake. All meetings are open to the public. Membership is open
to registered Democrats and dues are $20/annually. Lake County
Democratic Club is an officially chartered club of the Democratic
Party of Lake County.

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